Would you like to talk to a student counselor? Welcome!  


How does it work:  

On the chat, you can talk with a student counselor from Thomas More. You can ask a question, discuss a problem, tell your story and possibly discuss a plan of action together.

The student counselor chats with you only. The conversations last up to 40 min so that other students have a chance to chat as well.

The chat button will appear once the chat is open. Where your name is asked you can choose to use your real name or remain anonymous and use a nickname. 

Ground rules:  

The chat program is anonymous and secure. Student counselors are bound by professional secrecy and treat this with discretion. Only in an emergency and when security is compromised, we will attempt to discover the identity of the person involved through the IP address. You can choose to make yourself known during the chat. It is not possible for others to follow or interrupt the conversation.

After the call, no trace of the call remains on your computer, unless you have copied and saved the call yourself. The name of the website visited is stored in your browser's history. You can delete this information yourself.

We store the chat conversation anonymously. We do this to improve our chat tool.

Occupied, now what?

Are all of our student counselors in conversation? That’s possible. Sometimes the chat is busy. In that case, please wait or do something else for a while and try again sometime later. You can also always make an appointment to meet with us at a later time using this link:

For Thomas More Geel, Lier, Vorselaar, Turnhout: www.thomasmore.be/afspraakstuvokempen

For Thomas More Mechelen, Antwerpen, De Nayer: www.thomasmore.be/afspraakstuvo

Or you can contact:


Do you have an urgent question? Are you in need?

In the event of a life-threatening situation, call 112 immediately.

If you especially need a listening ear, you can contact day or night (also anonymously):